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Cellular nutrition is nourishment for cells, involving the intake of food elements by the body in such quantity and variety as to provide optimal conditions for cell existence. The main difference from dietary supplements lies in accessibility for cells. Only natural components, the right balance of microelements, and the size of cellular nutrition corresponding to the cell pore sizes.

All products from the Health Concept work, and you can start with any depending on your needs. If necessary, our nutritionists can provide advice and create an individual program. The Concept of Health company does not engage in treatment. We address the cause by eliminating deficiencies, purging parasites and toxins, and nourishing cells with a complete ration of easily absorbable nutrients, thus restoring the natural and proper functioning of the body's major systems.

When implementing an antifungal program, a comprehensive approach is essential—targeting not only the fungal colonies but also actively eliminating toxins from the body, followed by the restoration of natural microbiota and the intestinal structure. The program includes the Candida Suppressor complex, Sorbent A, Antiparasitic Collection, colloidal silver, liquid silicon, and collagen, as well as black cumin.

A 50-gram packet of our blends is an extract from 50-75 kg of fresh herbs. When brewing herbal blends into an infusion or decoction, only 30% of substances transfer. Humans cannot independently extract and assimilate the full spectrum of beneficial substances from plants. Therefore, we have developed an efficient extraction method, extracting 99% of substances from plant cells.

Yes, we have natural cosmetic products. These include a bioactive cleansing mask, a moisturizing tonic, and a rejuvenating tonic.