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We only create effective remedies and products of natural origin.

All our production is aimed at assisting the body in restoring its own proper functioning.

Our scientists develop functional products with a therapeutic effect to restore the body at the cellular level.

In formulating our recipes, we draw on the ancient wisdom of past healers, the high technologies of the present, and the profound knowledge of our scientists in the fields of gerontology, nutrition, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Our Objectives:

  1. Grow a plant with the maximum content of active substances.
  2. Extract specific or all substances from the plant cell.
  3. Measure the wavelength of the plant and record it on water (the scientific principle of homeopathy).
  4. Obtain monatomic solutions and concentrates of necessary metals and minerals.

We have developed correction programs for many serious human body disorders and have positive experience in the application of our products of natural origin.

Increased Digestibility

The active ingredients in our extracts have particle sizes ranging from 2 to 20 nanometers (where "nano" stands for 10 to the minus ninth power). Because of their tiny size, they can be easily absorbed in the oral cavity, travel right through the pores and into the bloodstream, skipping the stomach and intestines, and act fast to produce a consistent, long-lasting impact.

Heightened focus

We extract chemicals that are biologically active, and the concentration is 99.9%

No Falls

Without any loss, we acquire both fat- and water-soluble molecules. We fully extract all constituents (complex proteins, enzymes, and unstable chemical substances) by cracking apart the plant cell itself.

Nano Extracts

In the traditional sense, neither our plant-based nano-extracts nor their dietary supplements are medications. These are nano-extracts from the cellular fluid of healing plants that offer an enhanced concentration of advantageous nutrients in a form that is quickly and readily absorbed by human cells. They are also known as beneficial cell nutrition.

To restore and ensure the proper functioning of specific body systems, the constituents of our extracts are expertly blended into TARGETED BIOACTIVE COMPLEXES (for women and men, for the heart and blood vessels, for joints and the spine, etc.).

All organs and systems function normally and are supported by our CELLULAR NUTRITION, which also corrects nutrient deficiencies in cells (amino acids, minerals, and vitamins). By means of organic antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral substances, it safeguards every cell and lessens the load on the immune system.

The objective of our products is to eliminate harmful chemicals and metabolic products from the body while restoring the proper operation of the immune system, endocrine system, and internal organs.

As a result, the body naturally heals pre-existing illnesses by improving metabolism, gradually enhancing the operation of the neurological and endocrine systems, and optimizing the composition of the blood.

Our products start to show benefits to the body after just one use, and in most cases, these benefits are noticed right away. The speed and course of the healing process are determined by a variety of circumstances and unique physical traits.

Extracts of adaptogen herbs (schisandra, leuzea, red root, eleutherococcus, St. John's wort, cinquefoil) are included in our complexes; these herbs have been used in official medicine for many years and have been clinically demonstrated to be helpful.