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Bioresonance diagnostics of your body
Within 30 minutes
with a full interpretation of the result.

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  • Fast and Accurate
  • Suitable for everyone
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The bioresonance diagnostic method allows:

  • discover

    Your biological age

  • to find out

    Is your body functioning well?

  • to analyze

    How efficiently does your body absorb vitamins?

  • to identify

    Possibility of heavy metal intoxication

  • to determine

    the well-being of the spinal column.

  • to evaluate

    The functionality of heart.

  • to scan

    The functioning of blood vessels and the brain

  • to diagnose

    Presence of dangerous fungi and parasites.

50+ different parameters are considered in the diagnostics

On the same wavelength In tune with your body.

How your body's vibrational frequencies can indicate a problem?

Each organ or system of the body has a unique vibration frequency

The development of pathologies leads to changes in this frequency

The device clearly detects irregularities in the functioning of organs, and also identifies the presence of parasites in the body, as they too have their own frequency vibrations.

When your body speaks for you

The method of bioresonance diagnostics has its roots in pediatrics

Since young children cannot express the symptoms that trouble them, there was a need for a diagnostic approach capable of identifying pathologies before complications emerge.

It is more cost-effective and simpler to prevent diseases than to treat them.

Diagnostics allows us to identify predispositions to various diseases or detect them at an early stage

Engaging in preventive medicine now significantly reduces the likelihood of undergoing surgery in the future.

While prevention is essential, it's regrettable that people tend to seek medical attention only when the situation has already deteriorated, and there is significant pain.

of the bioresonance method
  • Non-invasive method

    The device acts superficially, no intrusion into the body is required

  • The results are immediate

    Within 30 minutes, you will receive all explanations regarding the diagnostic results.

  • There are no contraindications.

    The diagnostic method is suitable for everyone without exception.

How to increase your productivity and energy?
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Low productivity

These symptoms no longer surprise many,
they have become commonplace for a lot of people.

Dedicate 30 minutes to diagnosing your health with benefits
1 000 200 R

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Specialist will work with you individually!

Based on the diagnostic results, we will develop an individual cellular nutrition program for your body.

  • Time: 10:00 - 18:00 (Every Day)
  • Place: Johannesburg, Midrand, Zinnia Road, 69

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